Cricket Fans..Then..Now..

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81 thoughts on “Cricket Fans..Then..Now..

  1. Out of this world! Its not funny its a slap on us who claim to be “mad about cricket” how lovely a thought- we keep blaming the cricketers for fixing but let’s introspect why are they doing it? Because common man sees greed everywhere. *applause*


    1. Thank u Richa … the doodle was inspired by real life experience … back in 96 when India lost to Sri Lanka at Eden where Kambli was seen crying .. I know so many of us still school kids cried .. as if we had lost our family member..I remember not meal .. that night and an afternoon to follow.. today i see on of those die-hard cricket fan of mine , working for a MNC doing bet among a small circle of his colleagues.. just for fun !! The question is have we also not changed our approach toward the gentlemen’s game ..? why blame Vindoo .. Sree.. BCCI..IPL .. all alone !?

      1. May be in kid’s eye, it is still a lose as you felt back then in 96. My nephews discuss cricket the same I used to do as a kid. They don’t show signs of affect of this fixing. May be in those days while we were crying with Kambli for not qualifying, some people among our parents generations were worrying the money they put on bets. Its the same story, we change the phase. Well thats my perspective. May be totally wrong.

        1. so true KaJo .. but still the percentage of people betting was lot lot less.. today a youngster of class 12 is heard betting on players amongst his friends .. thats what happened in our locality … a kid lost money in challenge … and stole from his pappa’s pocket to pay his friends. Times are not exactly the same.. but yester years were lot better .. this is my thought. 🙂

      2. I agree with you… why blame IPL or BCCI.. they are doing it because we are driving them… its a shame on all of us quite seriously. We dont realise but we are party to almost all kinds of wrong doing in this country..

    1. indeed Jeet !! You are so very right !!
      Very very right !!
      I thought but skipped out of my brains while writing the dialogue…
      I think I should make a change ! 🙂

  2. well no game seems to be played for what it was meant to be played. There is no sportsmanship! Everywhere people see only money! no one seems to be content!

  3. 🙂 AWESOME! Simply AWESOME!

    BTW: umm….i think again there’s again this fault in the doodle that it would be better if i could read the second message(the TV scene) first and then the first one(the man). It’s a bit ulta pulta don’t u think so? or it’s just me! 😐

    1. hahahaa!! So true … u always catch me by my collar .. hahaha.. i try to escape .. but .. hahaha..
      I dont know …if it is just my natural style .. but I am always doing this goof up and this one has no room to rectify the mistake … 🙂
      Well.. I suppose .. its because as a kid i used to love …reading from right to left from the bottom to up …and the sentences and their meanings would either become meaningless or different meaning all together and I used to have fun … its only 5 years back .. I somehow stopped reading things right to left and bottom to up .. for fun .. but the hangover remains 😀

      1. Hahaha 😀 Glad my noticing made you smile,laugh,and recollect your past memories 🙂
        “right to left from the bottom to up” Now really? 😉

  4. trying not to break my sentiments with cricket … but i am so tired of this spot fixing deceit ! its taking me away !

    Nice Doodle.. as always ! (besides those goof ups that Bushra mentioned ..:) )

  5. Ha…ha…great one…it reminded me of the Semi finals v/s srilanka @eden….i was crying like hell…along with Vinod kambli…as he was crying in the pitch…that match got over without india being bowled out and India didn’t play 50 overs also…the match was stopped because of the rage of the public who set fire in the stadium…and were throwing whatever they could to the ground …!!!

    1. aar mone koriyo na bhai.. it is a milestone in my life… turning point.. i left playing cricket and watching too .. 2011 never bought me any much as it could in 96 .. saala kende ekaakaar … my mothr still recalls .. that fate-less night and next day when they saw I was an Indian first and her son after that .

  6. Because of such fans and players who support them the real fans and real players are getting affected! The spirit of the game is diluted. Beautifully done My Say!

  7. Hmmm… pains me too our game in such a state…..i remember the 96 wc. That was the tournament which made me follow cricket. I sobbed when we lost to lanka in semis…..n now i sob for another reason……..u hv this great ability to make doodles of the latest happenings…….one can follow ur blog n keep in touch wd news. 😉

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