Type Of IndiBloggers

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Types of IndiBloggers 🙂

161 thoughts on “Type Of IndiBloggers

  1. This post is just perfect ❤ Great Job! The contrast between the different kind of bloggers cannot be put forth in any better way 🙂 Fun yet factual!

  2. short and sweet! lovely comic description…i too am trying and adding comics on my post makes it interactive! well, do read my blog and give a feedback!!! 🙂 better we be a COMMENTS AS WELL AS VOTES KINDA INDIBLOGGERS!!!

  3. Huh! So i end up scratching everyone else’s back and mine’s as well 😛 I guess it can be categorized under ‘Indiblogger Educative Posts” :)) I couldn’t stop smiling and grinning 🙂

    1. I wish the Indiblogger team gave me credits for explaining their services practically to its bloggers. 😀 thanks for sharing your views Hemani 🙂

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