Lalit Modi wants Srinivasan to resign

Former IPL Chariman , Lalit Modi , who has been a face of IPL’s success and the first controversy and who has now sheltered himself and family in the UK , wants BCCI chief, N Srinivasan, to resign from his post. This is after his son-in-law and Chennai Super Kings franchise owner , Gurunath Meiyappan , was arrested for his alleged involvement in IPL betting and match-fixing scandals. Modi is of the view that CSK is Srinivasan’s Team and just the face is his son-in-law.

Well, in the past these two men have had rough times with each other, as per media  and looks like Modi has got the right opportunity. Srinivasan on the other hand refuses to leave the BCCI throne and says he has been targeted.


lalit modi cartoon,srinivasan cartoon,ipl betting,
Aaj Aya Oonth Pahad ke Niche 😀

Indian Premiere League has gathered controversies and thereby TRPs since the beginning and has been a successful venture for sponsors , team owners, cricketers and silently who knows how many more groups are happy ! Happy are we too , the mangoes. We were fed up of watching political scams.Now we have celebs from bollywood and cricket are involved in making money, more and more and yet more, at the cost of the game we once called”  Gentleman’s “.


60 thoughts on “Lalit Modi wants Srinivasan to resign

    1. Thank you Deeps !! 🙂 .. Dimag mei fitur aya to canvas pe lana zaroori ho jata hai .. nahi to neend nahi ayegi 😦
      12:39 am and you are awake too ?
      btw i had query can i mail you my query ?

  1. I love ur lalit modi.. I always say he forever looks to be irritable and on some mission.. u have captured it quite well 😀


    1. thank you Richa .. well somehow even I never got a glimpse of positive vibe out of him and not to forget Rajiv Shukla and N Srinivasan too.. 😀 ..
      Bunch of opportunists…risking the spirit of the game for mollahs uncounted !! As if they will go in their Rolls Royace to the Heaven or Hell after their expiration date is over 🙂 Pity these materialistically obsessed human bodies !

      1. I am sorry to sound preachy but then who has made them this? Who ensured they obtain that rolls royce? Us. Our madness over this game of cricket has gone beyond everything now. Though I am also guilty of it but it needs some serious introspection..

  2. One fugitive wants another thief to quit. Its the same as what happens in other walks of life in India. Look at the silence of the so called opposition party, BJP. They too have their hands in the till. They are waiting for Srini to be removed so that their loud mouth chatter boss Arun Jaitley can ascend the throne.

    Sharad Pawar to Lalit Modi to Srinivasan to Jaitley. See how the thieves connive to ruin the sports and the country. And a lot of morons on the net and elsewhere think that replacing the corrupt UPA with an equally corrupt NDA is the panacea of all evils.

    Both BJPeeee and CONgress are the two sides of the same coin. Both equally corrupt, incompetent and pathetic. See how well both of them have connived to suppress the real scams like 2G, Coalgate etc where both are equally involved.

    1. Liju so right you are when you put both these parties as two sides of the same coin !! They are equal participants in corruption and are all united within !!
      God Knows where will they keep all the power and money after their expiration dates !! Guess they plan to by Yamraj too !!

    1. thank you Sonia !! Indeed … culprits of yesterday .. accusing one of the date… thanks to God’s justice ! 🙂 He gives chance to everyone ! 🙂

  3. Awesome! Great doodle 🙂 ………and i can never be tired to remind u again and again that you are indeed the best doodler! 🙂

    1. arey ye kya kehdiya dost .. ?
      abhi to hum bacche hain doodling aur satire mei kacche hain…
      par apke compliments lagte hume acchhe hain…
      ap hi to humara source of inspiration sachhe hain

      Thank you a ton and more for that compliment … expectations are getting bigger and so are responsibilities 🙂

    1. 😀 so true .. both the Modis the politician and the IPL one are wait for opportunities to encash !! 🙂 Good till serves them !!

  4. A popular activity in the United States which was known as WWF was converted to WWE considering that it was more of planned entertainment than competition. IPL is also on the verge of that.

    1. hahahahaha 😀 Avadhoot ji you gave a new perspective altogether to the doodle … hahaha.. amazing !! haha thank you for those words of appreciation .. !!

  5. Oh God really reading these things in newspaper everyday about scams, fixing scandal makes mangoes like me go crazy, but your doodle is respite as it brings so much humor.
    Loved where even the cow is wondering ki kya ho gaya? No mud slinging but dung slinging 😉 ha ha

    1. thank you dear Kisalaya !! 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed the doodle 🙂 whatelse can we mangoes do ? doodle them or write about them !! 😀

  6. if you have played cricket with passion from childhood,its easy to say whether match is fixed or real from body language of cricketers and commentary.match fixing evolved after ipl-1,match fixers are team owners ,cricket boards and broadcaster .the case of sreesanth became sensational coz the fixing is done outside cricket past,match fixing used to happen from betting mafia and few players.this generation fixing happens from cricket community within.

    after watching all hype and analysis by cricket experts before world cup 2011,it was very clear that india bought 2011 world cup by fixing cricket boards with the help of espn-star. a week before start of world cup 2011,i told everyone around me that india bought world cup.people stared called me pessimist.i was my school cricket team captain who played game with all seriousness,i know whats body language of serious cricketer.when i saw australia,pakistan,srilanka losing matches against india,it made me very sad though am indian coz the loser here is cricket.for any genuine cricketer,its not about his nation winning the match,but the fair play of cricket that decides winner.

    when genuine talent/game doesn’t make money and things interesting ,then money makes game interesting by can ask any cricketing legend off the record like viv richards,ian botham,allan border,sunny gavaskar who witnessed worldcup 2011,they will say india bought 2011 cup.ipl fixing is not new,it has been into fixing from day1.movement of camera and its angles,commentators desperate analysis to cover flaws in game,biased umpiring,body language of cricketers says clearly who is fixing matches.last night ipl final too was fixed by csk and mumbai indians management coz srinivasan would be in ugly position to give away cup to csk.they diverted attention of media and dumb cricket fans by making mumbai indians the end of the day,people killed cricket for money,

    1. brother I am no position to say you may not be wrong . Who Knows .. may be it was bought ! BCCI anyways is the controlling body of world cricket. They control ICC too . Thats known ! Ours is a country where patriotism is the easiest thing people can sell. Why blame only cricketers and politicians and celebs ? We commoners if we get an opportunity we will forget nationhood .. games are too less a deal ! The worst part is if at all India bought the World Cup,the other countries agreed mutually in the corruption. IPL is not to be blamed because it is inspired by WWE ! Its all about making money at the cost of the quality of the game and the world has agreed to it. They have kept Pakistan out of it because their players cannot digest black money . They show off and get in the eyes of scrutiny.See our players-almost all of them are millionaires if not billionaires but they believe in hiding the black money in swiss banks and using it slowly.. 🙂 , I feel.
      Indeed , there were many people who said Mumbai won just to divert attention of the followers . Media , Politicians , Cricketers , Businessmen .. everyone is involved in the nexus !! Who will you catch ? Cricket has already been abused for money.
      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your views ! All we can do is pray that some souls think of the game beyond money !! God knows where will they take this money after death !

  7. One of my very good friends told me a right thing about this IPL debacle. If people starts treating cricket as a religion, then are of course going to be immoral priests. Then you have 2 choice in front of you: ignore the priests (players and other associated parties) and devote the time to your religion (just the game of cricket), or change/give up the religion. Whatever works…and I completely agree with her…Now coming back to this post, it wonderfully portrays the disgusting mud-slinging going on the entire IPL debacle. You can feel the grossness of the act…wonderful work 🙂

    1. 🙂 at foul are we the most as a nation which has made the game a religion,players the Gods and the administrators the priests , feel USP !!
      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your after a long time ! 🙂

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