Possible Third Front

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Possibility of a Third Front has been ignited by Nitish Kumar,CM,Bihar who after seeing Modi getting an upper edge in the NDA has discussed with CMs of Bengal and Orissa too. Akhilesh , CM , Utter Pradesh has also indicated a possibility of Third Front.Even in the recent past,after SP won Uttar Pradesh Elections,talks of a Third Front were floated by Mulayam Singh, the SP Supremo.

In the past none of the Third Front Governments could complete 5 years term as too many cook spoil the dish πŸ˜€ . All the aspiring CMs for the PM post may join hands but a group with all the bosses in the Team splits faster than thought about.

Please share your views about what you feel about the Third Front ?


26 thoughts on “Possible Third Front

  1. These Political Leaders and their Parties looks to me as if they are competing for the Oscar Award of Best Dramebaaz Political Party….
    God knows when their inner soul will wake and they will start working for the development of India as one instead of their self development…

  2. Mulayam was talking about it last year but then he kept mum…Thaali ka baigan….Third front is next to impossible as here everyone wants the kursi no one wants to serve the country…:P

  3. Third front? Sounds like another grouup of frauds joining hands toogether! You right!TOo many bosses spoil unity and it turns out to be a big fiasco….let’s what happens in this case… AWESOME doodle. πŸ™‚

    1. Ooops sorry about the numerous typos…i am using my smart phone to stay connected with my fav blogs, hence the typos πŸ˜›

  4. I think it’s better that i just visit your comics rather than reading news…at least, here are the news are presented in amusing way instead of depressing way πŸ˜€

  5. Third front…I guess it’s going to be more like the chaos behind a fighting scene in the 90’s movie…unnecessary…inconvinient…but the presence is indeed necessary to add to the beauty of the scene πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
    And as for ‘too many cooks spoil the dish’…I’m afraid they’ll set the entire kitchen on fire πŸ˜›

  6. Well, everyone aspires to hold the seat of power but nobody talks about their mandate and how they intend to adhere to the same. Indian democracy is the perfect example of distortion of an once-upon-a-time-ideal-method of governance.

  7. Cos only the CONgress and BJPeee have a divine right to rule the country. When any other party raises the stake, its called politicking. Its the typical entitlement mentality that prevails in India.

  8. the third front is always gonna suffer…along with bihar orissa n west bengal jharkhand and chattisgarh also face the same problem…development or tribal heritage protection…kya hoga is desh ka…:/

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