Chidambaram-No need to panic over rupee’s fall

Union Finance Minister is asking people not to worry over rupee’s constant fall. With INR breaking its all time low every other day, the investors, both foreign and domestic are scared to put money in Indian markets.Someone can you please trust  P Chidambaram Saab. 😉    All is Well.. All is Well !! 😀

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90 thoughts on “Chidambaram-No need to panic over rupee’s fall

  1. Ab Chidambaram Sahab kya malum girte rupee ki keemat kya hoti hai..Jack Babu…Garibon ki mehnat ki roti hoti hai ye rupee,mere office aane jaane ke kaam aati hai yeh rupee…
    Aur yehi gir jaye to…Chidambaram Sahab kya jaane..Jack Babu.. 😛

  2. Mysay I must say this is one of your best ones. LOL 🙂
    Khudi phansi pe chada rahe hai PC aur khudi bol rahe daro mat tum nahi maroge 🙂

  3. hahahaha…this one is gr8. laughing freely now. This should hit the national newspapers.
    i am also laughing at the parody that Harsha had done…
    Thank u for this and for stopping by at my post with ur kind words. Actually u made my evening…first the kind words then with creativity adhering to details. The expression on Mr Finance Minister is funtastic and that the lungi is half wrapped is typical…
    Gr8…and btw i’ve just realized i must be here more often if goings get tough for me. Laughter as they say is the best medicine. 🙂

    1. blessed I feel with those words of appreciations dear Shivani !! I hope to keep smiles intact with my posts 🙂
      I am glad you followed the details 🙂 Thanks !
      Why thanking me ?
      Your words were worth praises in your space hence I did 🙂

  4. You are just getting better with time……this comic strip is what i call P.E.R.F.E.C.T! Ruppe badhe na badhe, Nit zaroor badhega life me! 🙂

  5. 😀
    Now that’s what we call the imagination of one responsible citizen…such amazing understanding skills 😀
    On a serious note…kar kya rahe hain ye log desh ka 😦

  6. A good presentation of the current situation of our finance minister. I doubt he has any way out of this.

    1. so true !! no need to worry bolke hogaya .. petrol to hume bharna hai .. sabziyan hum kharidenge .. why should we not worry .. wish I could ask the gentleman claiming to be such a great finance guru .. ghar ke kharche ..nikalna mushkil hojata hai ..
      High salaries and yet low standard of living !! Indian Middle class has been ruined within these 10 years .. all the more ..

      1. Exactly. The shameless lot has subsidized food in parliamentary canteen, lal batti cars, unlimited budget for foreign jaunts, and all kinds of subsidy besides lot of black money. What do we have — thenga!

  7. HI,
    When India got independence in the year 1947, there were no loans or external Debts on Indian government. The exchange rate as on 15 August 1947 was 1US$ equal to 1.00 INR. Indian Rupee at all time Low of Rs. 58.9550/$. It is believed that RBI intervenes currency market to suppress Rupee if REER index approaches 105 & props Rupee up if REER gets close to 95. REER above 100 indicates relative strength of the currency. REER levels as on 25 Aug 2011 was of 117.01 implies that rupee is weaker compared with the base year of 2004-05. Read this – HISTORY OF $

    1. thanks Bhavik for the link .. I really need to know how exactly have we been duped down since independence
      thanks for dropping by !!

    1. true words? he has no reasons to know what falling of rupee does .. He may have loads of Dollars 😀 .. and anyways Govt people get half the thing free and another half at subsidized rates 😀

  8. I like how you see humour in situations… I just saw Chidambaram on news today… And while looking at your cartoon, It reminded me of his interview… Cant stop smiling…

              1. Yes, Mysay .. Those where special memories in Kolkata … i miss it badly .. besides i am happy to know that you are from kolkata .. which instantly connects me to you!
                ki sundara jāẏagā …uff !! narama udāra ēbaṁ narama kathya mānuṣa ..

    1. hahahha… Indeed anyways the nation is being Jacked and Hi jacked by selfish human beings for materialistic gains bhai .. falling or the value of INR is just a small case. 🙂

  9. This is brilliant, Mysay! i remember reading your old posts when you used to come up with such outstanding pieces. creativity at its best 🙂

    1. thanks a ton Deb ! 🙂 I am reworking on the quality now .Hopefully, I will have more of your compliments in my future posts 🙂

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed it. But then he is only doing his job, if he says get worried, there would be bloodpath in the stock market, our economy will nose dive.

  11. We have tied the deadweight around our necks. Hope we survive till the next elections…. the government seems very keen on disposing us all off to ensure they stay on!

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