Bihar Mid-Day Meal Tragedy

23 children, between the ages of 5 and 12, were poisoned to death by the free lunch served at their school in the village of Masrakh in Bihar. Post-Mortem reports indicate insecticides in food consumed by the kids while the State Govt smells some conspiracy. Meanwhile,The Ministry of HRD declared that they had warned the Bihar govt in April over problems faced by the mid day meal scheme in the state.Β India’s midday meal scheme is one of the world’s biggest school nutrition programs, providing food as an incentive for poor parents to send their children to school and this is not for the first time the quality of Β Mid-Day Meal has created problems.

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100 thoughts on “Bihar Mid-Day Meal Tragedy

  1. Awesome doodle Jack I was actually waiting for this one from you. The MDM has become a cash cow for the ruling elite and no one gives a shit about these children

  2. You know I did not have the heart even watch a complete story about this on any news channel…But when I saw you post I didn’t think twice before opening it.

    I knew you would handle it with sensitivity and taste. I was proved right….

    great job again!!

    1. Sfurti, these people , are they human beings? the quality of an incentive stoops down to such levels that it kills? Left amid – Starvation and Poison some souls of our own land .. 😦

  3. Such a terrible tragedy…I cannot bring myself to accept that we live in a country where the lives of children are of no concern to the people wielding the power….such a horrible thing to have happened…

  4. It’s really painful that power and politics make people so blind that they end up feeling any guilt in killing innocent young kids. Ashamed to be a part of the entire system. 😦

    1. true words Rekha !! its a shame we are a part of a society where human lives are bartered .. be it a conspiracy or carelessness …it was a human mistake .. intentional or unintentional …
      So they have hearts , I question myself sometimes ?

    1. individualistic thoughts are to be blamed for being money minded to an extent that human life becomes a commodity , I feel, Harsha

      1. Indeed Human Lives are becoming a Commodity in the hands of these Corrupted officials who don’t even think twice before playing with our Lives..

  5. India is a country where many sleep without even getting a square meal. Mid-day meal is a good concept had it been implemented with rigor and honesty. It would have been a constructive medium to provide food and education to the under-privileged and the rural masses. Sadly corruption prevalent at every level right from grass-root level and spreading throughout the social and political system of country has turned it into an utter failure.

    1. Bushra .. 65 plus years and we could not get corruption out of our system .. I feel .. its all because of the readily available freedom India got to break into further two different countries and all in a state of disgust !!
      Had we got .. freedom at the cost of blood .. may be , we would have respected the land better 😦
      These are man made disasters just for lust of dime and such matters do not intend to stop at any point !!

    1. Indeed sir.. no matter what .. I wish the ones involved be dealt in fast track courts and be given capital punishment !! at the least !!

  6. Very unfortunate incident. If this is a political conspiracy then it is a dangerous development. Political parties have started to act like terrorists. It needs proper investigation… It is a serious setback to the mid day meal programme which is very nicely depicted in your doodle

    1. Sir.. the incident is treacherous to humanity!! As it is the Mid Day meal program was popular for low quality food supply .. still kids could eat something .. but with this incident they have given a set back to education first and foremost !! 😦 Literacy is the only key to social improvement .. I feel.

  7. I knew you would come out with a post for this tragedy.
    Really shameless of those heartless politicians to ignore the CAG report of 2010 as well as that from March this year. It’s unbelievable that nobody cares what happens to the future of this country.

  8. It is just another reminder that the value for life is so low in our country. Personal gains appear to above duty in all such cases. The cook realized that there was a problem with the oil but was reprimanded by the principal since her husband owns the shop from where it was sourced…insensitive and pathetic…

  9. God save the country !!!!! 😦 Nothing is gonna happen to those who are responsible for this either …thanks to our unique,awesome law and government !!! 😦 😦

  10. They say children to be a country’s future and yet when tragedies like these happen,we all shut our mouth just with a day’s ‘RIP status or whatsoever’ and move on with our own lives! We commoners gotta fight out and bring down all those corrupted beasts who are behind atrocities like these and give them capital punishment without any delay for putting innocent little kids through all the pain of death 😦 Corruption should really be abolished in this country! 😦

    1. True Jaseema people just cannot get away killing lads of 5 and 12 .. they deserve capital punishments ..corruption has invaded brains of the people in the nation 😦

  11. I can’t word out my anger against this corrupt govt. It is a pity and a shame to be a part of such a country!!

    Once again a great doodle!!

  12. Pathetic that our corruption has gone to such levels… Even more pathetic that people still watch this on TV, read about it on newspapers, yet do nothing to change the system! Brilliant doodle on this… bang on the target. Better to let our kids die of starvation, than to let negligence and corruption kill them.

  13. I don’t know what to say…I am really very heartbroken. This is so painful to watch silently innocent children dying. In India there is no value for human life…..our nation is ruled by ruthless greedy and corrupt politicians. I don’t see any hope for our country…..:(

  14. Just shock to read the news … 😦 Little lives lost due to uncertain and improper system and negligence ! my grief to all those who lost their children ! makes me numb ..

    1. these are intentional mistakes brother .. human made .. packed with greed the money hungry wolves .. the corrupt society .. everyone is responsible in the death of those who were yet to see life 😦

  15. After a while, the news of this gets washed down Media drains and others’…. till another tragedy strikes… then the lull…. we have become de sensitized… thank you great Blogger for yelling. No option but to make a noise… Mysay, you rock

    1. Rayla,this is my bit ..whatever I can .. I will .. and if not at least shout it out loud … against the ills.Thank you a ton and more for your continued support .. it keeps my motivation alive. Thank you again !!

  16. This is really sad Jack. The other day i was watching a debate on this issue and there were participants from various political parties. It was sad that instead of finding a solution each of them were blaming each other. Pity the victims and their families. nice doodle as always πŸ™‚

    1. Dear Cynthia worst is every thing that happens gets a political colour and the blame game starts and numbers from the past years are calculated to show which party has been a bigger killer …
      We rather need solutions that this never happens we need justice that those who dared to risk lives are brought to task .

    1. See the news channels showing the netas… the way the fight raising voices .. on top of eachother … to accuse and counter-accuse .. just shameful πŸ™‚

  17. The biggest thing up for sale in our country is poverty! The recent tragic deaths of the innocent and famished school children by consuming contaminated food show to what extent the poor of the country are vulnerable, thanks to the untrammeled greed of a section of savage Indians. You are right in suggesting that we should ask our impoverished children to go to bed ,fighting the pangs of hunger rather than to tuck into the fare of their generosity. A great post from a true Indian!

    1. Wish these poor had options .. the Mid-Day Meal Program promotes literacy as well .. but the quality of food speaks about the quality of knowledge being imparted.
      If I ever meet any of these responsible animals I would just ask them which God will allow them, with their riches ,after they leave the body?
      Thank you sir for your constant support.

    1. People like you and me will have to form a team in our respective areas .. make NGOs or committees .. take responsibilities of specific areas to serve the poor with food , water and literacy !! Literacy most important.. these things will repeat .. people will continue to die unfortunate death .. if individuals do not take tasks in hand !! The Young India has to think beyond ME and MINE..

  18. Nobody is safe,,, the water we drink comes from govt tanks, the food we eat outside has no regulatory control, even the air we breathe is not guaranteed safe by our govt with factories throwing toxic wastes everywhere. So Human life in India has no value !! Sad but true!!

    1. You spoke the fact out Dipti !! The standard of living in our country is below pathetic! Regulatory Body may be an alien word in any department of the govt.Indians are living at the mercy of times and Almighty .. the luckier we are the more money we have to buy hygiene… the poorest lay behind .. to be hit by the adversities of the land and its rulers !! 😦
      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts , friend!

    1. thanks Sarabjeet πŸ™‚ your compliment is a motivation forsure πŸ™‚
      If not more I can at least cry out foul when I see wrong doing in the nation .. that is my thought the only thought πŸ™‚

    1. so very true Indu … moral degradation .. stooping down to such a level where money and power is the only goal the society wishes to achieve AT ANT COST 😦

  19. Oh God! Felt so sad and disturbed after knowing this news! πŸ˜₯
    May those tiny souls rest in peace!

  20. good one jack. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    mid day meal scam has taken everywhere. One latest comic strip I saw recently..where the teacher told pupils “kal agar 13 ka pahaada yaad nahi kiya to mid meal khana padega”
    i really pity the condition in our country. Government launches acheme for good, but they forget to ensure the right implementation of their schemes..specially in rural areas.

    1. true Jigs .. from boon it has turned a curse- the mid day meal program . the cartoon you are talking about is Krish Bhatt’s πŸ™‚ I admire his wit πŸ™‚ thinker he is !

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