Norway PM turns cabby to gauge voter concerns

Norway’s General Election is in this coming September and hence  Jens Stoltenberg, the Prime Minister, of the country decided to gauge real concerns of voters and he felt its a taxi where people speak such concerns out freely . He turned an undercover taxi driver and in the process many who recognized him discussed their issues with him and many just thought he too much resembled the PM .  😀

Well, in India , PMs , they know the concern common man has and they know  not all common men can even afford a taxi ..  😀  . They also know to win elections they need support of their allies ( the regional parties ) and just need to address their concerns and thats it . Ain’t this simpler than what Norway PM has to do ? 😀

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24 thoughts on “Norway PM turns cabby to gauge voter concerns

  1. Atleast other countries politicians have concerns for their citizens,Even I heard some countries PM and President commute using Public Transport..But In India if they had to live like a common people even for 1 hour there will be eartquake and tsunami in India….Our Politician only knows to live a Aristocrat life with our money and nothing else…

    1. hahaha true yaar .. its a hardcore fact of India .. politicians cannot even think of commuting in Passenger train or buses 😀 they will die of sweat stinks 😀

    1. true that .. the pain is in India .. our ministers do not even take that much pain to do a proper publicity stunt 😀 they know their chairs are controlled and safeguarded by regional parties hence better spend money convincing them than the voters 🙂
      Glad you liked !!

    1. yes !! so right .. common India does not sit in taxis .. does not even drive it !!
      If PM ji drives the cab the only voters would be Sonia ji and Raowl Baba will be the only satisfied Indians with all praises for his governance

  2. Jack Indian politicians are better than that. Rahul baba sleeps and eats in a hut whereas Raj Babbar and co eat Rs.12.00 and below food in Mumbai

  3. Ekdum sahi…PM toh 3 M (Mulayam, Mayawati, Mamta) ko sambhal le vahi kafi hai…apne citizens ko kya sambhalenge!! Our politicians don’t go by ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’, they have just conveniently replaced ‘people’ with ‘regional parties’!

    1. hahaha .. well its a publicity stunt I feel 😀 but in India politicians do the real work Raowl Baba goes for dinner at a dalit’s house .. and NaMo becomes a Rambo to rescue Gujaratis from Uttarakhand 😀 ..

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