Birds should tweet, not politicians-Nitish Kumar

That is the statement of Bihar’s  CM Nitish Kumar who does not believe in Online Political Campaigning at all. Was this statement directed at net-savvy , always tweeting , Gujarat’s CM Narendra Modi ? 😀

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12 thoughts on “Birds should tweet, not politicians-Nitish Kumar

    1. thanks Aditi 😀 .. he must be having some software engineer hired from Bihar who is helping him tweet in 13 languages and Nitish Kumar does not even have a twitter account.. He might be waiting for some platform called ROAR .. as he feels he is a lion 😉

  1. We have to wait for Modi to respond to this, according to your doodle, Modi is a sparrow, but I guess he will respond more like an eagle..:P
    Nice one…:)

    1. haha right Karan .. but I feel its too tough to provoke Modi like personality .. he does things for reasons and others just blow out bullets 😉

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