Indian Politicians Doodle

rahul gandhi cartoon,sitaram yachuri cartoon,nitish kumar cartoon,mamata banerjee cartoon,jailalita cartoon,modi cartoon,uddhav and raj thackery cartoon,mayawati cartoon,amit shah cartoon,owaisi cartoon,


11 thoughts on “Indian Politicians Doodle

  1. Bhakts! Closes-minded followers without free thought and courage to question. Stop being that! THis one’s alright. But, from the others, I can say – Stop being a bunch of Bhakts!

    He’s an autocrat. Fight against tyranny and for FREEDOM!

    1. Lol !! Dear Raj or the Non-Bhakts.. I am not a part of your ” Clash of Clans ” . Neither a Bhaqt … nor a “fake Freedom ” seeker. When you ask me to “Stop” doing what I am .. even you resemble an autocrat .. don’t you ? 😀
      Now coming to your freedom part..don’t sell me your “freedom chocolate”. You have lot many idiots in the nation.. fool them.
      Keep visiting. And Get Well Soon. 😉

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