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Obama’s win may give relief to another ‘Under-Achiever’!

About five months back Barack Obama was termed ‘Under-Achiever’ by OutLook Magazine while TIME had termed Manmohan Singh ,Indian PM, as the ‘Under-Achiever’.With Obama getting to serve the USA for another term,despite all criticisms,even Congress may be hopeful towards getting the third chance in India despite all criticisms.


Barack Obama joins Manmohan Singh in the Under Achiever category !

Time Magazine, in its last  Asia edition, had the cover story of  Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh marked as ‘The Under Achiever’. Indian as well as foreign media has been criticizing Dr Singh holding him responsible for  slow pace and stagnancy of  Indian economy and inflation, quite often ! Now the news is that the upcoming edition of Outlook Magazine has branded American President Barack Obama as” The Under Achiever” .

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No matter, whosoever among the two is a better ‘Under-Achiever’, Dr Singh may have got some relief watching President Obama being dragged in the category of  ‘the under-achiever’ !