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Poonam Pandey takes a dip at Maha Kumbh

Not only did she take a dip at Maha Kumbh but also seeked blessings from Naga Sadhus-Twitter star,popular for posting bold pictures of herself , Poonam Pandey made it to the news sites again with her snaps at the Allahabad , Maha Kumbh 2013.

poonam pandey,maha kumbh , kumbh mela 2013
Poonam Pandey takes a dip at Maha Kumbh

Poonam Pandey – Bigger News This Time ?

Poonam Pandey, the model much known for her self-proclaimed , passionate love for Cricket which she often tries expressing by tweeting sem-nude photos (Do not know how does semi-nudity or nudity define happiness when your Team wins) has created news once again. However, this time it is not she who is responsible solely. Park Circus area of Kolkata faced protests, halting traffic for almost 6 hours , after a local newspaper had previously published a photograph tweeted by Poonam Pandey and had offered an apology after eyebrows were raised.

Follow News on roadblock protest in Park Circus,Kolkata

Well, news does not reveal what was so controversial about the photograph published.

One of the morphed photos of Poonam Pandey(standing nude)holding a framed photo of Lord Vishnu (with Sachin’s face morphed on Lord Vishnu’s and his hands holding helmet and cricket bat) and a Pakistani player bowing down(praying to the framed photo) was published on a site called modelviewz.com and was criticized by Poonam Pandey as well.

Follow Zee News Article (11Nov’2011) with the morphed photo


Well , whatever the reason may be, Poonam Pandey has made it to news once again….thanks to the protesters blocking the road in Kolkata for 6 hours and giving her media-attention(this time effortlessly).