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Super Rich to pay more taxes – Budget 2013-14

While the ‘Aam Aadmi’ seem to have been spared by the Union Finance Ministry,F.M. P Chidambaram, has put the burden of charging 10 percent extra levy from 42,800 Super-Rich Indians(individuals and corporate) who earn more than 1 crore per annum. While some refer this budget as the ‘Robin hood Budget’ many claim the budget was prepared keeping 2014 General Elections in mind !

The corrupt politicians surely do not fall in this slab  😀  as they do not earn that much !  🙂

Guess,’King Of Good Times’ – Vijay Mallya,is still in the Special 42,800 list,after the Kingfisher Airlines mess  ! 😀

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Super Rich Indians to pay more tax-Budget 2013

Vijay Mallya says he cannot be pressurized by Flight cancellations !

Kingfisher Airlines had 19 flights cancelled following protest strikes by pilots and engineers of the airline and today it entered its second day. No staff reported for work since yesterday to protest the non-payment of salaries.Mr Vijay Mallya, the chairman of Kingfisher Airlines declared that such strikes and cancellations of flights will not put him under pressure !

Probably he prefers flying by other airlines to make sure he does not get his work hampered due to flight cancellations !  😉

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Aviation Ministry asks Vijay Mallya to pay dues in order to continue flying!


Kingfisher Airlines with a total debt of Rs 7,000 crore (approx) and accumulated losses of about Rs 6,000 crores,has reduced dozens of flights.It is yet to pay salary of staff  hired and to add on to the worries,Civil Aviation Minister, Ajit Singh, has warned Chairman Vijay Mallya to pay his dues in order to keep flying.

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